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Excellent family dentist. Both Dr Shank and his staff were so patient with my child who had extreme nervousness about getting a filling. I think we would have had to leave if it was any other office. Can't say thank you enough!

Chetty Spall


Dr. Shank became my dentist several years ago after many many years wirh a prior dentist...needless to say wish I would have found him sooner. Love Dr. Shank and his professional calm and endearing personality...such a good human all the way around...never treats you like a number or try to push expensive or uneccesary procedures on patients..great environment and clean clean clean dental gal at front desk is awesome and I adore the new hygienist gentle and thorough and an absolute delight..there is a reason Dr Shank makes 5280s top dentist list in Colorado...he is simply the best!!!! If I could give his practice 10 stars I would ....he is that good...

Erin Bissel


Adam Roukema


 Abby C. via Yelp

Denver, CO


I drive across Denver, from the north end, just to see Dr. Shank every six months. He is incredibly competent, down-to-earth and funny. I've been impressed with his entire team for the 2+ years I've been going to this office.

I was told by multiple dentists that I should consider Invisalign for a bite issue I had. The prior dentists, of which I had some really poor experiences, all wanted to take that effort on in-house so they could profit. Dr. Shank has been doing Invisalign for over a decade and instead referred me to a phenomenal orthodontist because my problem was complex and he wanted to ensure it was done properly. That spoke volumes for me because he wasn't interested in the financial gain and would rather have it completed by a specialist.

I so appreciate having an honest, skilled dentist I feel at ease with (and makes me laugh!) every time I have to get a cleaning or other dental work completed.

ls (1).jpg

Dr Shank has been my dentist for almost 7 years now. He and his staff are always personable, friendly, professional, and give the best care possible. Their attention to detail is unparalleled and they always give you the best treatment and plan for YOU. Just recently I chipped on of my front teeth - I was able to get in to see Dr Shank the same day I called for an appointment. He was thorough with his work - you can't even tell that half of the tooth (in the middle of my face) is fake. By far the best dental care I've received!!

 Alison D. via Yelp

Denver, CO

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Dr. Shank is great, caring and kind. Cant recommend him enough. However, his front desk assistant is difficult to work with, and her "waitlist" where she will call you if there is an opening is a joke. Be prepared to call back to check for appointments because she definitely won't be calling you.

 Katie W. via Yelp

Denver, CO

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